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5 Ways to Show You Care

Now more than ever it is important to reach out to loved ones, friends and neighbours and let them know you are thinking of them.  Whether someone is nearby or far away, there are many creative and meaningful ways you can let them know you care.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

Bake a Cake

A homemade cake is still a great option for someone near and dear. Even if you are a novice cook, there are many easy cake recipes or pre-made cake mixes available so you can whip up a delicious treat.

And make it an extra-special gift they will remember forever by presenting the cake to them on a beautiful platter they can keep.

Send a Hamper

A gift hamper brimming with treats is another wonderful way to tell someone they are in your thoughts, whether they are next door or in another city. Remember to add a personal message with the hamper. Then they will not only know who it is from but also why they are special to you.

Darriwill Farm Highton - Family Fun hamper

Buy a Voucher

While we are all doing our best to stay safe, buying someone a voucher they can use either for an online purchase or for when we can get out and about again, will put a smile on their face. Choose a voucher from one of their favourite stores or cafes (such as Darriwill Farm Highton 😊) so they know you’ve put thought into your voucher choice.

Send a Card

In this hectic world, receiving a handwritten card in the mail can be a welcome change. Also consider including a short poem or a heartfelt message in the card for them to keep and cherish.

Create a video of favourite photos

A video photo montage is a imaginative way to highlight your shared memories. When selecting the photos to include, use a theme or choose a series of pics that tell a story of the times you have enjoyed together.