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Perfect Pairing: Chocolate and Wine

Here at Darriwill Farm Highton, we are unabashed chocolate fans. We like all types of cacao-covered treats from some of the best chocolate producers around the world. And, now we are all grown-up, we can add a new flavour dimension: pairing good wines with our favourite chocolates.

Chocolate and wine pairings are not new. However, with an abundance of choices now available for both, it’s exciting times for those of us who love to test the taste boundaries. 


Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate such as the delectable Belgian chocolates tend to have a higher cream content giving them a smooth and rich flavour. So balance this with lighter, fruitier red wines. Popular choices are Muscats, Pinot Noirs and Merlots.

Our suggestion: Monsieur Truffe Pure Organic Milk Chocolate and a Terindah Estate Pinot Noir.


Dark chocolate

The high cacao content gives dark chocolate its robust and slightly bitter taste. Therefore, this flavour needs to be matched with medium to full-bodied reds to give the chocolate a run a for its money. Choose from a Shiraz, Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our suggestion: Butlers Dark Chocolate Box with a Mt Duneed Shiraz or a Barwon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon.


Chocolate-coated nuts

Seek out nuttier-flavoured wines when looking for a match for your choc-covered almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts. However, you will rarely go wrong with the intense, fruity and slightly spiced flavour of a cask-aged tawny port, particularly when paired with nuts lusciously coated in dark chocolate.

Our suggestion: The Ministry of Chocolate Fruit and Nut with a Buller Wines Beverford Gold Botrytis Semillon 2010 for the sweet-tooths or a full-bodied Heathcote Shiraz from Mt Duneed.


Ruby chocolate

The Ministry of Chocolate Ruby rangeRuby chocolate is a newcomer to the world of chocolate. First unveiled in 2017, it is a whole new category of chocolate. The process for creating this reddish-hued chocolate remains a secret. However, it is already a popular addition to dessert and sweet treat menus. Ruby is a fruity and smooth chocolate with a distinct aroma. These attributes are best matched with a Sparkling Rosé or a Champagne-style sparkling white wine.

Our suggestion: The Ministry of Chocolate Ruby with a Buller Wines Prosecco


Bonus pairing: Nougat

We know it’s not chocolate but nougat is a delicious accompaniment to wine. Honey and almond nougat is a popular after dinner (or anytime) treat. So try pairing with a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or a fresh, light sparkling wine.

Our suggestion: Rinaldi Artisan Crafted Nougat blended with Australian Honey with either a Buller Wines King Valley Chardonnay or a 6ft6 Prosecco.