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3 Steps for Creating Perfect Personalised Christmas Hampers this year

Let’s face it, for most of us who leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute, the weeks leading up to the big day are among the most stressful of the year.

But they don’t have to be.

Gourmet Christmas Hampers filled with hand-picked goodies to suit the tastes and needs of your special someone are increasingly becoming a favourite among gift shoppers.

There are, though, a few secrets to success for ensuring your gift takes pride of place under their Christmas tree this year.

1. Personal food preferences

Everyone is different. Some people like sweet treats; others prefer savoury tastes and some like it all. Think about what your special someone prefers.

A bottle of wine or a few boutique beers will be greatly appreciated by some people while others may like to keep their Christmas alcohol-free.  (And remember, it is illegal for us to sell alcoholic products to people under the age of 18.)

Similarly, do they have any dietary requirements such as allergies or an intolerance you need to consider? Or some people have difficultly eating crunchy or chewy foods. Ensure you point out these needs to us when choosing the right products for your gift.

2. The right price

Understandably, not everyone can splurge on expensive gifts.  Let us know your budget beforehand.

People often choose a stand-out product for their Christmas hampers and then surround it with smaller, less expensive items to keep the gift within budget.

You can also add a few fillers such as napkins or a tea-towel to make the hamper look impressive without breaking the bank.

3. Presentation and the ‘wow’ factor

We know you want a fabulous response when your special someone first sees their Christmas Hamper. It’s all about presentation.

Firstly, choose what you would like your hamper presented in. Boxes are always a favourite but some people like to spend a bit more by selecting a gift basket. Either way, we will lay out the products so they look their most impressive.

Finally, no gift is complete without the proper wrapping and ribbons. This can require extra time for us to ensure it is perfect so take this into account when placing your order.

Ask us to help

If you have any questions about how to make your Gourmet Christmas Hamper choice stress-free and the best present ever, contact us or drop by our store to talk with one of our in-store hamper specialists. They will gladly guide you through each step of the process.