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Our Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Every home chef has their favourite kitchen gadgets and tools. We have scoured our cupboards and drawers to find our picks for the top kitchen gadgets to bring out your inner Heston or to make life in the kitchen hassle-free.


Zyliss Dial and Slice Cheese Slicer

Zyliss Dial and Slice Cheese SlicerThere are ordinary cheese slicers, then there’s the Zyliss Dial and Slice. With a quick flick of a dial, change the setting from thin to extra thick slices.

You can use on any hard or semi-hard cheese and then safely store with the blade closing flush with edge of tool.




Joseph Joseph GoAvocado™

Joseph Joseph GoAvocado™ Forget smashed avo, use the Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 GoAvocado™ to expertly open, de-stone, scoop and slice your avocado for perfectly presented salads and bruschetta.

It features a fold-out plastic blade, stainless steel pitter, curved slicing head and an ergonomic, soft grip handle.




Full Circle Crystal Clear Replaceable Glass Cleaner

Full Circle Replaceable Glass CleanerKeep your glassware spotless and easily remove lipstick marks with the Full Circle Crystal Clear Replaceable Glass Cleaner.

Perfectly clean the inside of tall glasses with the layered cellulose sponge and then stand it on its end for quick drying.






Prepara Simply Mist Oil Sprayer

Prepara Simply Mist Oil SprayerDitch the supermarket oil spray cans for the Prepara Simply Mist Oil Sprayer.

Fill with your favourite cooking oil and simply press the trigger to add the perfect amount of oil to your salad, sauté or grill without the need for aerosols.





Joseph Joseph Spiro

Joseph Joseph SpiroYes, another Joseph Joseph tool as they really are the tops for functional and stylish kitchen gadgets.

Use the Spiro to easily create awesome salads and pasta dishes that will delight kids and adults alike.





Davis and Waddell Blow Torch

Davis and Waddell BlowtorchAdd the master chef touch to your kitchen creations with the Davis and Waddell Blow Torch.

Use it to give the professional touch to brulée, meringues, roasted veges and more.





Bartender Wine Pearls

Bartender Wine PearlsNot strictly a kitchen gadget but worth an honourable mention.

Don’t water down your favourite glass of wine with ice cubes. Instead, use the Bartender Wine Pearls to keep your wine fresh and cool while you prepare your feast.




Joseph Joseph RockerTM Garlic Crusher

Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic CrusherSometimes the best kitchen gadgets are the simplest ones.

The Rocker Garlic Crusher by Joseph Joseph is easy to use and clean and will keep working time and time again. It gets our pick for the best of the best kitchen gadgets.