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More great ideas for making an extra special home this Christmas

In follow up to our Key touches for making your home inviting this Christmas blog, we’ve invited Dell from Dell by Design to give us more tips on how to bring a welcoming vibe to your home for Christmas.

Are there any do’s and don’t when it comes to Christmas colour schemes?

Christmas isn’t bound by rules. If anything, it is the time to let go and enjoy the festive time. More importantly this year, 2020 has been a doozy. If anyone was like me, I did a lot of clearing during the ‘remote learning’ days. This was a bonus when I came to decorating my home for Christmas. You want to make your home fun, relaxing and a space that brings you joy. Which way you choose to do this is up to each person. We are all different!

  • Why not go all out? Mix it up with bright colours that make your heart sing. Break the rules and put pink and red together – seriously it works!
  •  Try the traditional colours. You can never go wrong with red, green and white with silver or gold. They never go out of date!
  • Or go earthy; natural with a hint to Australian foliage. This creates a calm space but so appealing to the home.
  • If you have young children who bring home Christmas decorations they made at school, embrace them and display with pride.
  • If you are like me and the children are teenagers, over time we have been updating our decorations. This year we have chosen green, earthy and natural to create a peaceful, inviting space.

Although we have kept the Snowman, Santa and his reindeers as they are always fun!

Can you ever have too many Christmas decorations?

This is an individual decision. My advice is reuse previous decorations and gradually add to them each year as your taste changes, or if you would like a new look. Some people like to go all out, mixing up the crazy with the traditional and it works for them. Other people like a different look each year.

I keep most of my styling pieces over the years and like to revamp them to make them look different with new and on trend for window design. This creates a completely different look without breaking the budget.

How do you make your Christmas table beautiful and useable?

The key to a beautiful Christmas table is to create something for the lead up to Christmas day so you get to enjoy the feel and beautiful display. Then, use the elements and add to the table for the actual day itself.


Create a centrepiece that can be moved at any time. This way you enjoy the beautiful display for the lead up to Christmas day but doesn’t get in the way of everyday life.

On the day of entertaining or Christmas day itself, add candles, fresh flowers, greenery, place settings with individual items to each seat to complete the look. I love bonbons: the silly questions, trinkets, and Christmas crowns. We all wear them on the day and such a tradition in our home.

This year I created a centrepiece that can be used all year round. I have added a table runner and a Christmas garland with candles to complete the look. On Christmas day and when we entertain, I will fully set the table with all the trimmings. This will include a tablecloth; placemats; our Christmas cutlery; all the items I had in my centrepiece setting in the lead up to Christmas; and a bowl of nuts and chocolates to nibble on. This year I have chosen to add an ornamental gum leaf and wooden star to the setting for the guest to take home for a keepsake – and the bonbon of course!