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Key touches for making your home inviting this Christmas

There’s no time like Christmas to make your home sparkle and brim with fun, family and friends. To help you set the right holiday mood this year, we asked Lyndell – known as Dell from Dell by Design – for her advice on how to bring some extra magic to your Christmas home.

In the first of two blog articles, we’ve asked Dell to give her professional take on how to make your home the place to be this festive season.


Christmas a great time to clear away clutter such as any items that you don’t use or need.

The items you continue to use, put away in a cupboard that has easy access. I often pack away my decorator pieces and replace them with my Christmas pieces as a simple and easy solution.

The first impression

Decorate your front porch and/or entrance. Clear out of cobwebs and dust down your front door. this. I like to add a miniature ‘real’ Christmas tree beside the door and a Christmas wreath. You could even add a welcoming Christmas front door mat.

I also have a cosy entrance, simple with a chair and side table. I like to decorate this with a mini Christmas tree (artificial), a candle that either smells like a Christmas tree or a scent that creates a mood for the room, and little fairy lights are great for mood lighting.

More on lighting

Mood lighting – this is a must. Go for warm, ambient light. Bright, white lights are very harsh to the eye inside the home. Warm lights make the room calm and peaceful. This could be lights on your Christmas tree, fairy lights around the mantel piece or bookcase, or even around the TV unit mixed in with Christmas decorations.

Drinks table

This is a great idea for entertaining. Make it ready with a touch of Christmas including with your favourite wine glasses or cocktail glasses, a drink canister, cheese platter, decorations or foliage and of course the beverage of your choice!

Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree doesn’t always have to be in your front window. It should be somewhere where you can enjoy it for the lead up to Christmas. Or, if you are like me, I decorate both lounge rooms!

Outside lights

This is purely an individual choice. In our house, we use simple and clean lines. We have a gorgeous grape vine around our verandah. It is truly magical sitting under the fairy lights on a summers night watching them twinkle against the vine leaves.

Christmas foliage and flowers

Fresh flowers and foliage are a great addition. I love fresh Christmas lilies, and they are available now. Fresh flowers on the dining table or bench space is just a must!

About Dell

As an interior designer, Dell has a passion for creating beautiful settings. Many Darriwill Farm Highton customers will be familiar with her work in designing eye-catching window displays for our Bellevue Avenue store.

“The most important part of design is to make it appealing for anyone looking into the window and to bring joy to the space. When people like the look of a window display and find it appealing, they connect with the items and are interested to find out more.”

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